Penguins in an ice cave

I love kids' drawings. Don't care if they're my kids' or someone else's. The freedom of line and imagination is something an adult can't replicate. The other day I almost became an art thief when I saw Meta's (kindergarten friend) drawing of a black cat with multicoloured polka dots.

So it was most distressing when Tiss stopped drawing last year in November. During last summer he'd really started getting in to it - you know, drawing those smiling round heads with legs sticking out where their bodies should be, and arms coming out where their ears should be. Cars and helicopters and flowers. But then we found out about Mikus' leg, and Mikus and I flew to England to consult with specialists, and while we were away, Tiss stopped drawing. I'm sure and art therapist would have a lot to say on the subject. For the last four months I've been coaxing and pleading but Tiss wouldn't budge - when asked to draw he'd do some obligatory no-effort scribbles and then walk away.

But this week, something has happened, and he's drawing again! The 'work' above is one he did today of penguins in their home (an ice cave) with icicles on the ceiling. Its snowing outside and there are people walking over the roof. It may not have polka dots, but today I'm the happiest mum in the world.

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