How is it that velour tracksuits were all the rage a couple of years ago, and I missed out?  I looked at them fleetingly in the shops but somehow never quite pulled out my wallet.  They seemed kinda (VERY) daggy but also a bit tempting.  But tonight - oh, in the last few months actually - I have decided I totally need one of those soft cuddly tracksuits.

Perhaps not quite as trendy as my brother's ex-girlfriend, who wore a leopard print head-to-toe velour number first time she came to stay at our country place. I think she also had matching slippers.  And to think she was a psychotheraphist!

So I'm in the shower tonight - after working a long, long day at the office on a Friday, suffering from a sore throat and fighting a cold, and wondering who was going to make me a gin and tonic, and about the earliest time I could con the boys into going to bed.  And then I realized - if I could put on one of those comfy velour tracksuits after getting out of the shower, everything would be ok. Preferably it would be in a shade of mauve. I would slip on my leisurely lounge suit and complete relaxation would be achieved.

C'mon, you know it.

In other news, perhaps what's adding to my need of relaxation is the HOLIDAY the family took last week.  It was the type of holiday when you need a holiday after taking the holiday.  It was awesome, mind you.  My singing group had been invited to perform a concert in a theatre in Montmatre, Paris.  And yes, it was almost as glamorous as that sounds!  Jem and I decided to make a whole week of it and flew down with the boys to get a glorious belly full of croissants and art galleries and DISNEYLAND and riding on the Parisian metro.  I won't go into details, but rather present you with a series of short observations (which seems to be becoming my signature lazy style of summing up a trip abroad):

1) Although at first  we suspected that a visit to Disneyland was just a dream for our generation. But the boys soon understood what all the fuss was about.

2) I am no longer the cutest person to ever have worn a pair of mouse ears.

3) Certain legendary roller coasters at the big "D" are just an excuse to physically and psychologically abuse the visitor.

4) There's a bargain for everyone to be found in Parisian flea markets.  Why does my buy look like I got it at a country fair in Latvia?

5) Putting concerns of responsible presentation of indigenous cultures aside for a wee moment - the Quai Branly and its dazzling array of ethnographic sculpture is awesome.

6) A well-planned educational iPad application can entertain children in an art museum for 3 HOURS! I kid you not!

7) In the event of the museum NOT having an educational iPad application, just risk giving your 7-year-old your camera.  They will be amused for ages taking blurry shots of anything.  EVERYTHING.

8) The reason why the Eiffel tower is such an over-photographed and over-promoted piece of Victorian  metal construction is because it is stunning, and surprising, and elegant.  Still.

9) Unlike Latvia - spring has well and truly sprung in France.

10) The French are so cultured, they even build hotels for the insects in the parks.

11) Celebrating your 8th birthday with your family in a tiny little apartment in Paris ROCKS.

12) Singing your heart out for an hour to an interested and enthusiastic audience of French is a rewarding experience.  And signing autographs on CDs after the concert is, well - simply hilarious.

So that's about it for me - and him. As usual, a very comprehensive post about the ins and outs of our travels, eh. Bonsoir!


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