A mother and a surfer

The other night, while at the pub, Jem met the sister of an Aussie friend. When he asked her the usual 'what do you do?' she answered that she was a 'mother and a surfer'. Which I reckon is pretty much the coolest job description anyone could have (...and for those people who are WAY too into desktop technology, she meant she was a real beach surfer, not the internet kind). And when Jem and I talked about it later on, I realised that my own job description is similar: 'mother and a Saucēja'. (the group I sing with are called Saucējas, a saucēja in Latvian is a person who calls the first lines of traditional folk songs). And this explains why my blog only has photos of my kids and the things I do with the Saucējas! So here are some recent pics of my scallywags.
And by the way, it's nice to know that there's someone out there! Apparently my father-in-law rang Joel today and complained that I haven't updated my blog lately - thanks Gerry - so this one's dedicated to my handful of lurking readers.
Last night we went to the "Night of Museums", where all the museums have special events and are open until after midnight. The whole of Rīga comes out to join in the festivities. Above is Mikus watching Tiss play games with the older children outside the National History Museum. Below you can see that Matīss was having the time of his life.
At the Riga Navigation Museum they had some zoo animals on display.
Guess what animal we are all looking at (and about to pat)...
So, I bet all you Aussies reckon its a wombat!! Any guesses??? Here's a clue: I felt a bit guilty about employing those hunters after seeing this giant rodent up close...
And here we are a week ago in the country, on Mother's day. Below is Jem ringing his mum (hi Maria!)
A trailer ride with Vectēvs while he mows the dandelions. Best child minding facility ever invented - the trailer fits about six kids (eight if you stack 'em) and keeps them amused for hours!

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