Hello autumn!

Ok, I know its just been random photos and titles for the last few posts... but it's better than nothing I guess. At least a few images of how we are going even if there are no words accompanying. The reason for this is Jem's new phone - now I can take a photo with his phone, and immediately upload it with a title to the blog - so any single pics that appear on the blog have been posted from that very situation, just after the photo was taken. Today's photo is from a golf course where Jem played golf and we snuck a few apples in the meantime - and yesterday's is from the beach where we visited friends, it was a wonderful balmy evening (of which we have had so few this year), and Tiss drew huge drawings all up and down the deserted beach. I hope you notice Mikus' new "curly mullet" in this photo; at least we can see his eyes now!!

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