Drove out this morning to Ķemeri National Park to go for a walk in the marshland there. Never been in a marsh before! Kinda eerie, beautiful in a same-ish kind of way. Very, very still and quiet. An obviously clean, untouched piece of nature there. The boys had fun running along the path and falling into puddles, and after 3km of slippery wooden planks they were both pretty muddy, tired and happy as well. Seeing as Jem has to work for the rest of the weekend it was a good morning away...

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  1. Marite says:

    That first picture is just fabulous!

  2. Fifee says:

    Hey guys, I found your blog - when I invited you to mine, it listed your blog [how clever] but it didn't quite list properly - but I found you anyway. I haven't read it for a month or so - life sounds grand in Latvia. Hey hows that new house coming along?? love xxx Fi

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