A New Home

Thanks to Mara & Joel for the new dolls and thanks to Mara Francis for the boxes. The doll family are now settling into their new home.

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  1. Marite says:

    Wow! Impressive house! So glad he likes his new dolls!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys...cool pic. How many miles can you get out of one Brisbane lions jumper...seems like I have been looking at the that same pullover for years. Good to see the AFL make such sturdy merchandise. :-)Go Lions Huh mickey.

    Hopefully will be emailing you soon about Mexico and hopefully we can all meet up...sooo busy ATM...sorry for my lack of emails and slackness with 4 windows. Lots on and have been in Jakarta and around town so haven't been able to get a second to think about Mexico.

    Good to catch up on all your blogs



  3. Mook says:

    Hey Jon, we've actually got lots of those Lions jumpers (carn the mighty lions!) - in various sizes - so when they grow out of one their into the next one. They're pretty indestructible ;) When you guys have kids I will just have to package them all up and post them over...

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