The Children's House

I realise I haven't posted anything for a while now - so as a filler here is one of my favourite pics at the moment. Matiss' and Mikus' kindergarten on an excursion to a local gallery. The kindergarten Mikus and Tiss go to is very small, only one group of around 20 kids aged from three to six. It's a very home-like environment with very loving and groovy teachers/carers, who have a great deal of respect for each child and their individual personalities. Both the boys love going to Bērnu Māja (literally Children's House - Maria Montessori's own title), and although Mikus took a few days to get used to it, he now loves it there. This picture was taken on one of Mikus' first days by himself at kindergarten, and he was still a little unsure (you can see him on the far right edge). The exhibition was a series of portraits painted by the artist mum of a boy who goes to kindy. One of the portraits is of Mārtiņš, one of the teachers at Bērnu Māja (can you see Mārtiņš and his painted double?). The fact that Bērnu Māja is so much like another "home" is a comfort at the moment because the boys have started to spend more time there lately - because of our new work arrangments, they stay for two full days every week. So while I am running around thinking all things museum, I can concentrate knowing that the boys are in a kind environment, which is creative, personal, cosy and interesting...

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