First Day of School!

Both boys started their new schools today. Matiss started first class whilst Mikus started at his new kindergarten. Both boys were equal parts nervous and excited. The first day of school is a very big thing here and Matiss looked the part - smart looking outfit with a bunch of flowers for the teacher (unfortunately no suit and bowtie as they are getting dry-cleaned, perhaps next year!). Matiss' first day was basically a get to know your school day - they had a full school assembly with speeches, songs, bell ringing, national and school anthems ( a rocking rock opera ballad!), tomorrow he is off by himself and learning will start in earnest. Mikus as well had a great morning and seemed to get on well with his new class. The rest of the day was a treat with Mook taking them to see a movie in the afternoon and then tonight was dinner at the pizza shop!

BTW if youre interested in seeing Matiss birthday pics follow the Flickr link on the right.

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