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Everyone is having babies at the moment:  two of my sister-in-laws are pregnant or have newborns, friends are announcing their 2nd or 3rd pregnancies, cousins are busy picking baby names and buying strollers. Now I'm pretty sure that my time of pregnancy and newborns is over, but all this talk of breastfeeding and sleepy, milky bundles is making me a little nostalgic.  So I looked through some of our baby photos the other night and thought I'd share a few. Here's a few pics of Tiss in his first month or so of life.  Next post will be devoted to Mikus ;)

 After a 9 hour labour, Tiss came into the world around 11am on 28 August 2002. We stayed for a whole week in the 5 star luxury that was the Mater Mother's Hospital in Brisbane.  Tiss obviously still remembers sleeping in the womb!

It was August - spring in Australia.  In the background you can see my abandoned "chicken tractor".  I loved having chooks! 
Sleepy post-feed

Māra, I told you Tiss had a tinge of red hair when he was born ;) 

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  1. Marite says:

    Cute pics! Love it! :) I see the redness!!! The sleeping one cracks me up- does he still sleep in funny positions? I only ask because one of the reasons I was a c-section is because I had an arm up by my head- one of my ears has a little wrinkle in it even. But even these days, I'm often found sleeping with one arm above my head...

  2. Madeleine says:

    Ah! Excellet! I love it when pictures of a very small person show a face that is still recognizable years later. That may sound confusing, but I kid you not: my face changed considerably as I grew up, so my baby photos aren't terribly recognizable as being me - but Mr Tiss is definately and most clearly Tiss from the very first point! :-)

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