Waiting in line for a haircut

Here's Mikus this morning in line for a haircut. His hair is about as unkempt as our house and family at the moment! We have been super busy, as always, and the last thing I've wanted to do is update this blog. The endless winter is taking its toll, too. Last week it actually got sunny and the snow began to melt, and it seemed that there was an end in sight to the cold and ice. Yesterday and today it started snowing again. And I say, enough is enough. It's the middle of March already! I'm hoping to write a proper post soon, but for now, thanks for tuning in. Over and out!
PS. On the flickr link (right) there are some pics of our super-fast trip to Hamburg/Bremerhaven to visit some museums and get out of the daily grind. We went last weekend and very much enjoyed the environmental educational "experience", Klimahaus, a multimillion dollar experiential journey. We also stopped in at miniature world, which had truly amazing miniature trains going through all kinds of terrain. Even a mother of sons found it fascinating!

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  1. Madeleine says:

    Dear Mikus, I know the feeling. Cheers, Madelena

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