Last week our extended family from LV, the USA and AUS got together to celebrate a milestone - my grandmother's 100th birthday. It was quite surreal for us all to be united at our family property, Kugures - here's a family pic from the 1930s, taken in the same place as the photo from last week. What leaves an impression looking at both photos, is the many and varied lifestories that are attached to each of the people in the pictures - behind each one of those faces is a completely original story. These tales intersect at some points, but these events, although they may be shared, are viewed through the prism of each individual, thus making each one an inimitable story of one's own. One common thread for all - Kugures - which has stood in this place for over 200 years.

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  1. Great photos Mook. Having family together is a gift. Has Kugures been in your family for the last 200 years? Is your grandmother in the first photo?

  2. Mook says:

    Hi there Julie! My great-great-great grandfather, Marcis Ozols, bought Kūgures in the late 1800s. I guess you could say its been in the family since then, if you don't count 50 years of Soviet rule when all property was confiscated by the State.
    My grandmother isn't in the first photo but two of her sisters are.
    Yes, having the whole family together, if only for some days, was wonderful. Matīss and Mikus were particularly excited to meet everyone, and were very sad when they left - they wanted to know when we could meet everyone again :)

  3. Alex says:

    It's fantastic that you had a historical photo, then 'reproduced' it! Wouldn't it be great if in the future your descendants found your recent photo and did it all again...

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