On Saturday we will say our last goodbyes to my very strong-willed, artistic and caring grandmother Margarita, who passed away last Friday. She will be sadly missed by all of us. This is a picture of her and my grandfather Eduards, on their engagement day in 1933.

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  1. Again, our deepest condolences to you and your family Mook. We hope that Saturday, although difficult, will be a time to celebrate how special your Grandmother was to you and your family.
    Jamin, Julie, Luka and Gracie

  2. Madeleine says:

    Dear Mook, Jem, Matiss and Mikus,

    I am so very sorry to hear of Margarita's passing, and I am sending large hugs from here. I'll be thinking of you, and raising a glass, on Saturday.


  3. Mamma M says:

    Love from all of us in Angola too! May you find comfort in all your wonderful memories!

    hugs, hugs, hugs,


  4. Kimberley says:

    I was very sorry to read of your Grandma's passing. Take your time to laugh and to cry... those memories are precious. We're thinking of the four of you and your mum and dad.
    Kimberley, Aaron, Alexandra and Max

  5. Alex says:

    So sorry to hear that Marianna - sympathies to you and your family. It sounds like she lived a long and full life. And this is a lovely photo!

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