Finishing touches

So we aren't going to be in our new house by Christmas. Things were moving a a cracking pace until most of the gyproc and structual work was finished, then about 10 or 12 of the workmen moved onto other houses, leaving one erstwhile builder to finish the first floor. We have been waiting for the last month for him to finish the "dirty jobs" -sanding plasterboard etc - before we bring in new handymen to finish up the inside work. All we have left is the wooden floors, doors, painting, tiling. You know, all the important stuff! In the meantime we have been interested to see if our woodfire heating system can cope with temperatures of minus fifteen and lots of snow. So far, after the inevitable teething troubles, things seem to be going well. I am finally getting impatient, because we are so near, and yet so far, to moving in.

Although we have gradually come to terms with the fact that our old wooden house is now a brand new plasterboard box, we are still trying to incorporate old details where possible. Many rooms have "feature walls" where we have left old wooden or brick walls exposed. Above is a photo taken yesterday when we found a beautiful old wooden door complete with wooden handle discarded by the dumpster behind our house. We managed to load it into the car and take it to the house for installation, a small feat in door and child stacking (can you see Mikus in the photo?).
Here are some photos from the last month of work.

Upstairs bedroom

First floor granny flat

Kitchen with a view to the back yard

Loung room with electrician

3rd floor stairwell

My beloved staircase - discussing the finish

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  1. Great photos Mook. It's exciting to see how close you are to finishing! I particularly like the wooden walls - very nice.

  2. Marite says:

    Well, new or old or whatever, I think it looks really, really nice! Can't wait to live in it with you guys next summer!

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