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What is it - is it a bird, is it a plane? Well, I can confidently say it's Riga's new breakfast taste sensation - in our house, anyway. A pankegg. Jem, the breakfast man, made an experimental pankegg a couple of weeks ago after reading an article on one of his trivia-will-take-over-the-world online communities. At first I wasn't convinced (yes, you may have guessed the recipe by now: fry and egg and then pour pancake batter on top), but for the last two weekends I've found myself waking up craving another one of those pankeggs. Now to solve the ultimate pankegg dilemma: savoury or sweet topping???

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  1. I think the only solution is to cover both sweet and savoury with bacon and maple syrup and be done with it!
    Glad you are enjoying the blog- hoping it is giving you a fix of lush green summer that I'm sure you desperately need. I am enjoying the creativity both visual and literary required to pull it together. Hoping it is not too wordy as many blogs seem to not say alot and contain more pictures.
    Also not sure the etiquette of posting reply- do I do it on my blog or yours?
    Hope you enjyoed the pankegg- there is something very Homer Simpson about that name don't you think???

  2. Mamma M says:

    I shall request one of these for breakfast this summer. I am very much not sold on it right now. I like a big breakfast sometimes that includes eggs and pancakes (or french toast)...but I would never dream of putting them both on my fork at once, so, I will wait for you to convert me! :)

    That said, if I do like it, then I am totally with Mel in saying put bacon (or veggie bacon if you've got it!) and syrup on it all at once! Done! Mmmm....drool... I think bacon or sausage with syrup are just about perfect... :) Obviously, I go the veggie versions...

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