You're only as old as you feel...

....and on my birthday yesterday, I was feeling old.  Happy - but way, way old.  Reason is, because WE MOVED ON THE WEEKEND!!  3.5 years after starting the house project we finally made the move.  Walls still need painting on floors one and two, lots and lots of finishing touches need to be made, there's boxes and bags and crap everywhere, but the main thing is - we are now living in our house!
Saturday was a marathon - the movers, two young strapping Latvian lads (we'll call them Brad and Keanu)  lugged furniture and boxes  down the five flights of stairs of our building, and into our new house for NINE HOURS.  Jem and I madly packed boxes in the meantime, and discovered 10 years of dust balls, lost birthday cards (complete with birthday spending money!) and other long forgotten treasures.  The kids watched nine hours of TV.  By the end of the day, I was more tired than I'd ever been, and Jem was having cluster asthma attacks.  But we were in the new house!
Yesterday we didn't stop to get boxes in order, or find kitchen utensils, or dust windowsills.  It was straight into party mode.  Bit hard to be a good hostess if you can't find your frilly apron, and your kitchen hasn't been installed yet, but I did my best.  The guests started by each washing a window or two, helping to put together a cupboard, followed by eating and merrymaking. 
So today was our first "normal" day in the house and it's feeling pretty good.  Lots of work to still do, but the move went well, and everyone seems relieved and that little bit excited to finally be living here.

Tiss - helping Brad and Keanu with the unpacking

Putting together our hall cupboard, a jugendstil number we bought years ago, when it was still affordable.  Its all held together by wooden pegs.

Part of the gang, loitering on the stairs (one of the things they've been told they're NOT ALLOWED to do)

My goddaughter Zīle cruising for avocado 

Our (gorgeous and just started walking!) godson Zigis 

Boys bedroom became a venue for a magic show, I am starting to feel the ache and the years are weighing heavily on my shoulders..

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  1. Great to see you finally in your house, what a wait, but I bet it was worth it! Enjoy setting out all your bits and pieces and making it your own (I think that's the best bit!).

  2. Fifee says:

    I want to see Home Beautiful style pics of all the rooms and your lovely artworks and collectibles. Can't wait to see the finished product - you will have so much fun doing the final touches. xxx PS - You are not old my dear - I've got a few years on you yet...

  3. Well firstly I must say that you are looking smokin for 93 luvvie! Happy Birthday and hope those boys have fussed over you and that you were able to have a deep bath and chocolates after that marathon move. Moving house with kids and lots of stuff is a nightmare frankly, can't believe we survived. Your house looks amazing, seemed like it had lots of light which I was not expecting. Can't wait to see a room by room walkthrough complete with feature children, accessories. Floorplan would be really helpful too so I can picture it all in 3d in my head.Melxxx

  4. Hello. I'm going to follow you. Is that okay? Just say if not, and I'll choof off. Or choff oof. Depending on how I feel.

  5. Mook says:

    Hello Australia! Oh it's me who's choofed, sure you can follow me. Word of warning though, my stream of consciousness ramblings ain't edited for ease-of-reading! And there also isn't any guarantee of the frequency of postings...
    Cheers! Mook

  6. Marite says: glad to see you guys finally in there! And look at that table! After so many years of the two seater in your little kitchen, that long thing must be a real treat! Can't wait to see it all in person... along with your young self. :)

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