Super, super excited

Ooops, is that photo too close?  Had to zoom it in for this new development in Mik's life - may look small to you, but huge for him.  He's been waiting for this for EVER, all his friends at kindy and tennis are already losing their milk teeth, Mik has been wondering if he is tooth-challenged.  
So how much is the tooth fairy paying in Oz these days?  The kids were asking tonight.  Our Latvian fairy is paying 1 Ls/tooth (or the one that visits our house, at least), which is approximately equivalent to the Eurozone fairy, who seems to pay 2 Euros/tooth (according to friends in Brussels, that is).  Now the main thing is that the tooth fairy doesn't forget to do the coin/tooth swap tonight like she has a couple of times in the past.  Ditzy winged creature that she is.

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  1. Well done Mikus! Luka just lost his second tooth last week, so you're not too far behind! The current rate for teeth at our house varies, for his first tooth Luka got $1, his second, 50c. No particular reason, that was just what was in the purse at the time..

  2. Such a milestone isn't it? Roboboy has been checking intermittently but they are all rock solid. I think gold coins are the go here in Oz- either ones or twos. melx

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