I know it's an urban myth - that Inuits have hundreds of words to describe different types of snow. But it's one of those myths that I love. I totally get why you would think so. Especially as someone who hasn't grown up with snow, I have been amazed that there are so many different kinds of snow, depending on the outside temp and general weather conditions. Different types that do different thngs.
There's that fine icing sugar that swirls downwards when its super cold:  "silver rain", the stuff of Latvian folklore legend, which sparkles and shines and twinkles as it falls. There's those big fat flakes, with the classic crystalline structure . Each flake is unique: you can stand and study their infinite, individual beauty as they briefly rest on your coat before melting.  Then there are icy little pellets that probably don't count as snow but more as frozen rain; and many other types.
But the best, the very best snow is the kind that fell today. Sticky snow. Because contrary to popular representations in American cartoons, not all snow is good for snowman building and snowball fights. Much of the time its too cold and powdery, and won't stick together. But not today. Oh no! Just ask Mikus, or me. Today the temperature climbed to around zero, and conditions were perfect for snowmen, igloos, snowball fights, snow tunnels...

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  1. Now this is more like it! Enough making sweeping comments about minus 28 degrees, freezing, snow etc etc. FINALLY something for us tropical creatures to sink our teeth into. Up for an igloo next? Dare ya! melx

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