Art shows, grandmas and pogonophobia

 I had a fond memory of my grandmother today.  Margarita was trained at the Latvian Academy of Art before the war, and when she came to Australia she ended up teaching the Adelaide high society ladies to paint in the 1950s and 60s.  She was an incredibly "modern" person, an eternal optimist, forever interested in things and making new friends.  She also had a charming set of prejudices.  Apart from recoiling from men with beards (Is there a name for beard phobia?  ...just googled it. Its pogonophobia.  Seriously.), she also often wondered aloud why the women with the biggest backsides wore the tightest pants?  And she also hated the new hairstyle that "all the tv presenters have" - layered hair.  Another pet grouch of my grandmother's was framed, mass-produced prints of famous paintings, found on the walls of many Australian houses (hello, IKEA!).  "Why would you have a print on a wall?" she would rant.  "You should never resort to having a print on your wall!  You need to have ORIGINAL art!  There are so many art students out there!  Anyone can afford to buy art at student shows!"

And you know, although I dearly loved and greatly respected my grandmother  - I kinda like a beard on a man. And my own hair, could call it layered.  I won't comment on the size of my derriere, or the tightness of my pants.  But I have to say, I think grandma hit the nail on the head with her art show comment.  REAL art rocks.  And there is no better way to illustrate this than by making a stop at the Latvian Art Academy students' Christmas market which opened yesterday.  We try to make it every year - Jem and I raced in there at lunchtime today and were bowled over by the range of stuff the students were selling.  Amazing talent and creativity, all crammed into the one hall.  Every year we pick up a little something for a good price - probably cheaper than that framed ikea stock photo - something totally original, and completely beautiful, something to be kept at home on the wall to be enjoyed by family and visitors alike.

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  1. Did you get anything? I really like some of those paintings in your first picture.

    Last weekend I put my name on the mailing list at a local art gallery. The woman asked me if I was an 'artist'. I laughed, and then she said 'You just like to purchase art'. I laughed and said, 'I just like to think I can afford to purchase art'. They had a gorgeous painting in the window for $6,800, and while that's not too expensive, it is way out of my budget.

    I should look out for students' work. Sounds like a great idea! Latvian Grandma sounds like she was a hoot.

  2. Mook says:

    Hello dear MMMC. Yes, we got something. But because its a Chrissie present for someone who may read this, I didn't reveal. And y'know... I think it was close to a HUNDREDTH of the price of the painting in your art gallery window ;) Gotta love those starving art students.
    Cheers, M

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