It's not too late, is it?

It's not too late for this cosy romantic scene with a handwritten "Happy New Year!", is it?  I picked up this postcard at a collector's fair this autumn.  I think I was taken by the obvious chemistry between the photo subjects - and the absurd hand-coloured hot-pink flames in the fireplace.

The heartbroken Sigurds has written to Elga in 1924 - a lovestruck poem he can only have composed himself, inspired by the image on the card.  After reading his verse, I can't help wonder if he was also responsible for hand-colouring the card:

"...Oh, believe me!  A fireplace is love,
Where the most lovely dreams are consumed by flame,
But there is no more love, and my heart grows cold..."

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  1. Oh, has Sigurds gone cold on Elga? Or has ol' Elga shunned Sigurds? Is there a a second postcard?! I can't stand this!

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