Easter greetings from Saldus, 1931

Now that's a lot of eggs! This picture was used as an Easter greeting card by my grandmother and her family in 1931. It pictures some girls from the family (from left, my great-aunt Aina (affectionately known as "Zanuks"), my great-great Aunt Austra (aka "Afulis") and my grandmother Margarita (who everyone calls "Rituks")) in the backyard of 13 Skrundas Street, Saldus with a bunch of Easter goodies, pre-WWII Latvian style. This is where my parents now live, and today the backyard is mostly overgrown grass and derelict wooden garages. Before the war it was my great-great-great grandmother's mini farmers' paradise.
This year, we are heading down to Saldus to celebrate with the family - seasonal celebrations are always so exciting with kids. Matīss has been asking 'when's Easter?' for weeks now. The only bad part will be having to get up at the crack of dawn to hide eggs before the kids wake up! So anyway - happy Easter to everyone, big or small, fluffy tails or no!
PS. I forgot to mention that Austra/Afulis was a professional photographer, who worked out of her own studio in the house at 13 Skrundas. So the photo is definitely a set-up. My grandmother wouldn't be the type to muck out the pig pen, especially not in dainty shoes like that!

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