Half way to 70

Ok, I suppose that might seem like a bit of a negative approach. But contemplating turning 35, it did occur to me that in 15 years time, I'm going to be 50... Which is ok. I think I like getting older. By no means would I like to be in the "head space" of a 20 year old again. I like the wisdom, sense of calm that each new year of life experience brings. I laugh a lot more now than I did years ago. The only problems about getting older (so far) are the fact that you physically start finding it more difficult to do the same old stuff you used to do. And also because lately,there are heaps of things that I want to do, that I have not yet done, and I've finally realised that I will probably never do them. 5 or 10 years ago it still felt like there was plenty of time to achieve all of my ambitions, whereas now, reality has set in. I am now aware that there are quite a few books that I won't manage to read. Chances are slim that I will ever play bass in a rock'n'roll band, work as a volunteer for the W.H.O in some third world country, and getting my PhD is starting to look doubtful! But who knows, maybe one day...

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