Summer Round-Up

Well, it's been and gone already... three months of Latvian summer. We packed in as much as we could. So here it is, a pictorial summer round-up...
Lots of hangin' out at the beach

Playing 'tea parties'

Playing 'shops'

Playing 'explorers'

Plenty of outdoor dining

And other outdoor activities

Camping in the rain

And Jem built a bbq

We kept working on dodgy fix-its for the well... and we still had a water shortage

A water shortage calls for desperate measures... a bath in the sink

Great-great-granny's high-energy reading corner

The Saldus ballooning festival

This is right before the security guards came and told us to STOP!

Visiting friends at their country house

Oma and Opa came to visit from OZ

And I got to be rockstar for the day when I sang with Latvian post-folklore group 'Ilgi' at the Riga birthday celebrations

So that's about it... next post will be a birthday round-up... because late August is always HUGE in the Smedes/Auliciems birthday stakes!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that Mikus is bare-arsed in most pics. :)

  2. Mook says:

    Oh yeah, that's what being aged two and Latvian summer is all about. Bare bums.

  3. Jon says:

    Hey great pics. Great hanging out with you guys in LV this summer, wish we could have stayed longer.

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