Little Whatshisname

Here he is, our new friend! He/she's half feral - we rescued him from the street last week. We figured that little kittens didn't stand a chance if there was a cold snap (which is coming, soon!) or vicious dogs around. I have always harboured a secret desire of owning a cat again, so we figured that this was a good a time as any to adopt. The boys were over the moon, of course, until they realised that he wasn't that easily coaxed out from under the bed, but over the last week he has got more used to us and has started to play like kittens should. The only catch is that he won't let us pat him! He'll sit on my lap, rub up against our legs and chase us around the house, but patting or touching with hands is strictly forbidden. I wonder if he has been traumatised, and associates hands with bad things? Who knows. Hopefully, he will slowly get used to us.
We haven't got a name yet! The list just keeps getting bigger, so I thought I'd 'throw it out there' for some votes, please! If you're reading this then express an opinion. it might help give little whatshisname an identity. We are tossing up: Fizzgig (my choice), Grover (Matiss' choice), Pūka (Latvian for "Fluff" - Jeremy's choice), Scrappy, Beelzebub, Snowy (yep, just like 'bluey' for a redhead), Slinky Malinky, Scarface Claw (Mikus' choice) and others. Any more suggestions?

An early morning game of "catch the string" with Tiss

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  1. Mara says:

    You gotta go for something that is easy to roll of the tongue, can be changed into nicknames and fits a kitty... Puka is good, but not highly original (sorry Jem!), Slinky Malinky I like, and I like Scrappy (cause that fits who he is now). The thing is you know you're going to call him by a million different names anyway... :)

  2. Mara says:

    And I just remembered to email my godmother...I'll let you know what she says... :)

  3. Mook says:

    OH! Here's an update! Yesterday night whatshisname relented and yes, allowed Jeremy and I to pat him/her!! So its going to be a slow process but we will get a 'lap cat' eventually! All he needs is a name! If you're lurking on this blog (I know you're out there) then show yourself and express an opinion about names, please!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about 'Puss'll-do' from Colin Thiele's February Dragon, or Sylvester - all those black and white whiskers and that dare devil look in his eyes.
    Luka's contribution is 'four'-his favourite number at the moment (and a bit reminiscent of George Costanza's 'seven'). We'll join Mara in a vote for Slinky Malinky, too.
    Julie and Luka, long-time lurkers.

  5. Mook says:

    Thanks Julie - nice to know you're lurking ;). Sylvester's great! Funny, Mikus' favourite number is three at the moment. He always says that he is "three" if you ask how old he is, and excitedly chants "three!" if you give him TWO of anything. I have corrected him many times but its just not going in.

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