Ok Māra, I like a challenge

Māra (my gorgeous friend and fellow blogger and perhaps maybe one day sister-in-law) has 'tagged' me to this book challenge thingy which seems not quite as bad as all of those chain letters I have a habit of rejecting...

You've got to:
1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the next 3 sentences.
5. Tag 5 more people.

So I've done it, this is a quote from the "God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins:

"It is indeed fabricated from start to finish: invented, made-up fiction. In that respect, it is exactly like the gospels. The only difference between The Da Vinci Code and the gospels is that the gospels are ancient fiction while The Da Vinci Code is modern fiction."

So there'ya go. Interesting.

Now, as for tagging 5 more people, that's tough, as not too many people I know actually have blogs. So here we go, if I tag you then feel free to send me the answer by email, or as a comment, or not participate at all ;)): Jon Smedes! Courtney Smedes! (don't make it the same book you two), Joel Smedes! Gerry Smedes! and, lets make it another Smedes... hmmm... JULIE SMEDES! Go go go!!!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Marite says:

    Oh, I like your book better than mine (that is what I get for doing stuff like this while I'm at work- ON MY BREAK of course! :) )

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here goes...the closest book on the top shelf of the bookcase-

    Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

    For a moment Bond wondered how he had been so certain. 'Directly you left for the night club' continued Le Chiffre, 'your room was searched by four of my people'. The Muntzes must have helped, reflected Bond.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok, mine sounds a little odd but...

    Fragrant Rice by Janet De Neefe

    "My sister-in-law was called in to the kitchen to help organise processing. She placed some cotton wool on a stick and burnt it over the gas burner in our kitchen. The ashes that fell in a silky black mass were collected in a banana leaf and rubbed onto my forehead."


  4. Anonymous says:

    Well here goes Mook. This is from my Christmas present that finally arrived, Elephants on Acid and other bizarre experiments by Alex Boese...

    And we humans can take comfort in the knowledge that at least we don't urinate when stared at. Or do we? The Stanford researchers had no way to observe whether that particular response occured in any of their subjects.


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