In the finishing straight

...we're almost there!  After so long struggling with this house project we are close to moving in (and our bank balance is close to being empty!).  The size and the scale of this, our "first home" renovation, has run us off our feet.  We do nothing else except for eat, breathe and sleep this house.  Oh, and between breaths go to work and keep the kids fed.  The scale of the project has been the most difficult - because instead of buying and renovating a small family home, we have been working on a house which has our home in it, two "granny" flats and a larger apartment for rental.    So, instead of going to the hardware to agonize of which one tap I will have for my bathroom, we go to the shop and buy 7 bathroom taps.  And 4 kitchen stoves.  And 22 door handles.  And 50 light fittings!  The boys have been traumatised by our neverending trips to Depo (Latvia's Bunnings), and no amount of playstation DS while waiting for us to make our selections is consolation enough.  We are all losing stamina, but still pushing through, encouraging ourselves with the thought that we are moving in soon. Estimated time of move is early April!  So instead of complaining about all of the compromises we have made in regards to the house (which is what I normally do!), here's a sneak preview of a couple of things I am happy about:

Old doors!  Our wonderful two workmen took pity on me and agreed to mount old doors in our downstairs corridor - a much harder job than putting in new, standard size, perfectly straight ones... Also the brick entry, which is made of bricks salvaged from the historic Kuznecov porcelain factory.  

Old door handles!  Jem went out and braved the biggest, baddest Latvian junk market to find some fabulous (in need of a bit of TLC) door handles to install in our old doors.  Locking the door when going to the loo will be an exotic experience on account of the big heavy iron key you have to turn.

Oak floor boards!  Yay!  I've only ever lived with pine boards, and jumped at the chance to put in these oak boards - off cuts from a sawmill - best thing about them is that we have OILED them, instead of putting on estapol, so the grain has come up and they are matt and smell like linseed oil.  The double doors  are also going to be stripped and restored.

Alternate tread stairs - salvaged from a farm building and fashioned/refurbished by Jem.  Steep, but the only option for the small amount of space available for the upwards climb.

Mum was over the other day for a sticky beak.  Choosing stuff for her and dad's apartment. Looks like someone said something funny!

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  1. Mook, loving so many things about your new granny flat within an apartment within a house, house.
    It has unfortunately created a multitude of questions and an insatiable hunger for more more more photos.......please? Perhaps a walk through, with commentary.
    The doors look beautiful, especially those huge french doors. Will you leave the wooden ones au naturale or oiled or will they be pained?
    The bricks look awesome for the floor, the chair you are sitting in is gorgeous and Jems stairs- are they two tone or do they have pieces cut out of them- could not tell by the photo but they look really interesting.
    Goodness it's enough to make a girl plan a visit- pencil in next May 2012. I could almost contemplate that flight with a 6 yo and a 3 yo. Just check if we can get rice milk in Latvia and we will start planning.

  2. Forgot to add, where is the pic of the toilet key?
    Also your boys are getting sooo BIG! When did that happen?

  3. Mamma M says:

    Looking good! Can't wait to see it all in person.

    Also, what is a "sticky beak"?

  4. Mook says:

    A sticky beak is 'having a look' at something...poking your nose (beak) in to see what happening, jem

  5. Fifee says:

    I'm coming to stay! I love the house and the way you have been able to decorate it - Home Beautiful Latvia [does it exist?] should feature you. I want to see a floorplan and photo spread. Can't wait to see it in more detail!!!

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