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We are pretty strict about TV with our kids.  We limit the time they can watch per day, and try to feed them some kind of wholesome, educational downloaded children's tv (downloaded, because Latvian children's tv is pathetic, to be brutally honest - the  worst quality cartoons overdubbed by a monotone Latvian voice over, so that you can still hear bits of the original language underneath).  On weekends and Friday nights the guys get to watch kids' movies - Disney and others.  There are certain films that we have tried to shield the boys from, because we know what the consequences will be:  anything with a mild testosterone level and physical action will instantly be replayed in our lounge room, with the boys in the starring roles.  Tiss is usally the good guy, while Mikus relishes in the evil laughs and sinister trickery of the bad guy role.
It was like that with the (original) Star Wars trilogy - although the boys' uncle Joel is a star wars NUT, we didn't let the boys watch it for years. I remember a touching and humorous scene, with the boys both curling up with Uncle Joel for him to tell them a story:  "Once upon a time, there was a young, poor boy who lived with his mother in a desert, on a planet called Tattooine...".  You get the picture.  My boys knew the whole plot of Star Wars before they had seen the film.  Finally on Tiss' 6th birthday, we opened Pandora's box and let them watch Star Wars. It has since (predictably) become a household obsession.  The boys have long, boring conversations about the technical specifications of different types of droids, or want me to discuss  Darth Vader and why he couldn't survive without his special helmet on.  The most coveted toys and games are Star Wars themed, and they have even gone to the lengths of making up their own Star Wars episodes to make home movies around the apartment.
So we knew that we had to be careful in what other appealing sci fi/mildly violent movies we let them watch. One show that Jeremy always knew was a danger, was Monkey Magic. Anyone out there old enough to remember Monkey Magic?  A Japanese TV series about a monkey spirit, pig spirit, water spirit and Buddhist monk travelling over China, meeting all sorts of creatures and evil ghosts on the way - and, of course, fighting them.  Jem remembers watching Monkey Magic as a youngster and promptly finding an old broomstick at home, colouring it with felt pen and organizing Monkey staff fighting tournaments with his younger brothers.  Ah, the memories.
Well, while I was in Moscow, Monkey Magic was aired at our place.  With the obvious results.  The roles have been divied up and staff fights are held in all corners of the house at the slightest opportunity.  Mikus is Monkey, Tiss has begrudgingly taken on that of Pigsy, Jem is Sandy, and I've opted for the Monk Tripitaka ("that's because Tripitaka doesn't fight, and tells everyone what to do", commented Tiss).  So far, not too many bouts have ended in tears.  Gotta say that although I'm not in on the fights, I'm enjoying snatching a glance at Monkey episodes - they are pretty hilarious - and am loving the conversations at our place, about how Monkey summons his cloud, and who Siddartha is, and whether Tripitaka is a girl or a boy...  I'm just waiting for the conversation to start comparing Monkey with Star Wars.  It's any day now.  Who would win in a fight?  Monkey with his staff vs Obi Wan with his light saber...

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  1. I loved Monkey as a kid - used to watch it/Dr Who and The Goodies pretty relgiously. I think Pigsy was my favourite. So cool to see your boys being such creative, well, BOYS. Very, very different vibe from our house as Roboboy is really not your typical boy. Loving the opportunity to peek in through the window at some typical boys horsing around doing silly bugger boy stuff.

  2. Em Bee says:

    Awesome! I LOOOOOVE Monkey Magic (and - being the stamp collecting nerd that I am - was thrilled to see that the Canadians actually put a rendering of Monkey on his cloud on their "Year of the Monkey" stamp a few years ago...!) :-)

    Having witnessed the boys' excellent Star Wars adventures, I can just imagine the Monkey shenanigans currently at play. Brilliant!

  3. Fifee says:

    I love Monkey -- although I never really watched it enough to know what the hell was going on. You guys have so much fun. Hope our little boy has as much fun!!

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