Jazzercise and wonky houses

I love this wonky, sunken house we stroll past every morning on the way to kindergarten.  Its obviously on its way out.  But lovable nevertheless.  Even more so with a blooming cherry tree in the garden.

Speaking of blooming, we made an ultra-quick visit to the country this weekend.  So much there is flowering, all perfumed and delicious.  Golden fields of dandelions, cherries, apple trees, lilac.  I can't wait to de-camp  to the country in a couple of weeks when summer holidays start.  Incidentally, Latvian schools have the longest summer holidays out of all the countries in the EU.  3 months, from 1 June to 1 September.  Gotta make the most of the sun, I guess.

We are totally disregarding the dates of the school term and are taking off a week early - the boys and I are going with Jem on a work trip next week.  He's going to the Italy office, while we're going to eat lots of pizza and gelati.  Oh yeah, and see a ruin or two.  Gotta say we are all super excited!

The boys practised their dance moves this arvo.  I wanted to call it Jazzercise, but I'm sure it's not.  What the hell IS Jazzercise?  Why do people do it?

... and should a mother be worried about the future of their children if they dance like this?

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  1. Love, love, love the dancing. A nice combination of total abandon and finessed moves. Having seen a group of 18 boys free dance (Luka's kinder class last year) I'd say Tiss and Mik fit right in with the norm!

  2. Fifee says:

    COol. I especially like the bit where Tiss stops to pull up his daks! I think they both have good dancin' style actually. That sense of rhythm and their innovative moves will hold them in good stead for school socials in their teenage years and dancing beyond....

  3. Mamma M says:

    Um yeah, I've never seen Jem dance, I don't think, but, I'd say they take after their uncle Joel (after a few beers!). ;)

    Jazzercise is a form of exercise... very popular in the 80s I think, but still around... and from what I understand actually a lot of fun and very effective. Though I've never done it. :) Have fun in Italy!

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