There ain't no party like a Star Wars party

Don't move!  Or I'll blast 'ya!
Today.  Star Wars Party.  For Mikus.  Things were good.  Some guests came in costume - even some adults.  Some did not.  We are tired.  Off to bed.  Some pics below.  PS. For you curious cats, you may be able to see bits and pieces of our (UNPAINTED!  UNFINISHED!) new house in the background

 Mikus welcomes his guests

Light saber swingin' in a room full of balloons

Two party pinatas getting smashed.  One death star pinata - I'm in the background worried a party guest is about to be accidentally smacked by a lightsaber.  With the second one - a face of darth maul - Mikus use of a 4x2 made for more effective smacking (of the pinata, not the party guests).  Note he has now changed his costume from Darth Vader to Luke.

My extremely complicated culinary masterpiece - chocolate cake with m+ms. 

 Uncle Joel (and also Mik's godfather) watches blowing out the candles through Skype video.  He lives in Angola, Africa.  Well how's that for technology and time zone coordination?!

Ewok party

Mikus gets tossed up in the chair 6 times!  By the girls.

And here's some lovely ladies in matching hair pieces

 Happy and tired, goodbye guests! 

4 Responses so far.

  1. What a fun party! Really it looks too much fun!

    You have a beautiful house ... I wouldn't even think it's unfinished. I might have to go back to the start of your blog to get your complete story, I think.

    Happy birthday to your 6 year old Jedi warrior!

  2. Marite says:

    Happy birthday again, Mikus! I love that Joel got to "be there". :)

  3. Marite says:

    OMG, also your cake is AWESOME! I mean really... NICE!

  4. Fifee says:

    You rock.
    - and now you have 'public' followers! fame hey.

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