Flying by

Summer's flying by... not time for posting.  We have been busy with visitors, the junk in our back yard, eating lots of summer berries, playing paddock golf, working on an online exhibition at work, keeping kids amused in the THREE MONTHS that is Latvian school summer holidays, trying to keep cool in a house with no pool, watching kittens play.  Can I just say that kitten play is far rougher than the way my boys play.  And their mum doesn't seem to mind a bit. A few of these things merit a dedicated blog post, but not now.  I've got a camp to go to!

I found a home for little blue eyes on the left.  Tiger on the right is going to my brother's place. 

Blueberries with milk and sugar.  Gotta love purple milk.

Look behind you!  On a neighbourhood ramble searching for new street art.  

Our backyard is slowly being emptied of junk.  VERY slowly.  With a few recycled timber benches built along the way.

We've been enjoying having an extended family tribe here for the last couple of weeks.  Love hanging out in a gang.  The youngest tribe members obviously love it too :)

 I'm sure I'm not going to win any parenting awards for admitting this.  On long summer evenings we occasionally take our kids to bars, where they sit and play computer games while we drink and socialize.  Our summers are so short, and everything happens so intensely in such a short time period, you gotta take advantage.  Will there be any childhood trauma associated with this? I doubt it.  But I guess we'll have to  wait and see. 

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  1. Alex says:

    Don't worry Marianna, in inner city Melbourne I see alot of young families in bars and pubs! Some even have 'family friendly' bands playing in the afternoons so that everyone can enjoy them. A bit like the 'cry baby' sessions at the movie theatres...

  2. I can't see any problem taking your children to a bar, particularly when it looks like the one you're at.

    It's better than leaving them in the car while you go into the pub to get sloshed!

    You look like you're having a wonderful summer!

  3. Goodness, enjoy every day of that heat - you need to recharge for the months ahead. If it makes you feel better apparently Loganites who live near Ikea have been known to use the babysitting play area as all day service where they check the kids in and come back at closing time to get them! melx

  4. Fifee says:

    I understand you are living life but I miss your posts!!

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