What're sister-in-laws good for?

I've been itching to write but have been so busy finishing an (internet) exhibition, that I have barely managed to keep the children fed.  The exhibition was finally released into the world today which is a huge weight lifted from our collective shoulders, as Jem was doing the designing.  The launch went well, I managed to get out of speaking, but simply paraded around in a retro 60s "Jackie O" suit inherited from my grandmother.  There is no amount of washing that can remove the aroma of Chanel No.5 from my grandmother's threads.  She was a classy lady, no mistake.

Anyhow, I've been wanting to share the revelation I've had, since Jem's brother's family stayed with us for three weeks in July.  A happy reunion, as we have not met for two years. And during this three weeks I realised that sisters-in-law are awesome for lots of reasons.  Obviously, I always knew they were good to hang out with:

But this visit, I realised that certain SILs are good for PAVLOVA.  This is a food I haven't eaten since we were last in Oz - four years ago.  Pavlova has to be the most divine dessert known to man.  And my sis-in-law knows how to make 'em.  On the last night they were here, she made two.  One for the guests and one for me :)

But last, and definitely not least. SILs (with a little help from their partners, I guess) provide you with nieces and/or nephews.  Which is even better than pavlova, I reckon.

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  1. Mamma M says:

    Oooh...that is an eerie electronic glow on my face in that first pic!

    Mook, if I could send you pavs in the mail, I would. :) I promise to make them for you more often next time we're together!

    Also, glad to know I'm useful. :)

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