3 months of madness (or too much texta pen and monopoly)

Ooops, I get the feeling I've done the whole "fallen off the face of the earth because its summer" trick again.  Way too busy transporting my entire circus of a life from the country to the city and back again.  An oldy but goody book at our place is about the town mouse and the country mouse - some delightful illustrated edition by the BBC or some other English children's institution.  Tiss and Mik have always pondered this book, because the moral of the story, to quote our edition is "the town might be the best place for YOU, but the country is the best place for ME!" or something to that effect.  Trouble is, T and M can't decide if they're country mice or city mice.
They like both places. They live in both places, and see the relative merits of both.  Oh, the confusion. All my fault, of course.
So we are in the country again. Jem's working in Riga and I am here on my own with two boys who are HYPER.  Three months of summer holidays is great, in theory, but come week nr. 9 or 10 of no structured activity, and I'm not sure who is going more crazy, me or them.  My dad said today that the boys remind him of rambunctious puppies, all gangly with big paws, and way to much energy expended on causing trouble and gnawing on shoes.
The biggest form of entertainment lately, judging from all of the yelling and squealing at our place, is 1) sit on your brother; 2) annoy your parents by playing "copycat parrot"; 3) wheedle and plead until you can get yourself some junk food/computer games/tv;  4) pull dunas off beds and pull the covers off and crawl inside with your brother and roll around, pretending you are lost  5) pull all cushions off couches and roll around on them with dirty feet; 6) if your parents don't give you junk food (see point nr. 3) then make yourself a sandwich/drink leaving as much mess on the bench and floor as possible; and last but not least, the most entertaining game of all: 7) sit on your brother.  (did I mention that already??).
Obviously I have tried to structure activity. We have found an awesome playground in a nearby park that is appropriate for bigger kids.  We have been to the movies.  I have built my fair share of lego houses. I have even gone to the trouble of making remedial times tables revision and ABC catch up lessons in the mornings.  I've been suggesting good, wholesome child-led activities like drawing and reading and playing board (bored) games.  But 10 weeks is a long, long time of texta pens and monopoly. So as the days get shorter and the rain starts up again (Sob. Yes, the rains have started up again and I'm wearing a jumper as I type), I am not completely distraught at the thought of back-to-school textbook buying and searching for jeans with no holes in the knees.

Mind you, I do love those two guys. Even though they like to sit on each other on occasion. 

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  1. Em Bee says:

    I love this post, Mook. And I sent it on to a good friend in Aus who faces similar events in school holidays...! :-D

  2. Firstly, are you sporting a tan? Must be a great summer you are having. Next, have no idea how you are still sane after 9 continuous weeks- I did 6 last year and was nearly bonkers by the end. Lastly if desperate you can always let the boys watch all 40 episodes of "The Block" that would bring them up to the finale which is due next week. Nothing like a good bit dose of Aussie accents, humour and building design to take the boredom out of a holiday. I would use each episode as leverage for desired behaviour- works really well with Roboboy at the moment. Jump onto www.ninemsn.com.au/theblock melx

  3. Mook says:

    Mel - YES, it's a tan. Which I have lost already because its been raining like there's no tommorrow - must be early autumn setting in.
    As for "The Block" - never heard of it, will have to download. I was using "the Amazing Race Australia" as a good behaviour bribe, but the surfy boys have already won, and it's all over. No more tv leverage...

  4. Em Bee says:

    My friend in Aus wants to know what you think about boys playing in sand wearing trousers with pockets: the pockets always seem to be full at the end of it, and she spends most of her time sweeping it up...! :-P

  5. Mook says:

    YES! We had the sand pockets from the beach the other day! I - foolishly - decided to wash the shorts straight away, and found a nice muddy sludge in the pockets when I pulled the shorts out afterwards. Hard to scrape out, I tell ya. Better dry off the floor with a broom ;)

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