Now THAT's a portrait

Just had to share a little pic that I stumbled across today... this fabulous portrait of a Latvian lovely from the early 20th century.  She's been carefully posed with something she's making for her dowry... with her singer sewing machine... in front of a lush field of fully-budding hemp.  Scrawled at the top is something along the lines of: "we are all longing to know when you will visit us".  What potential guest could resist her smouldering look, combined with handicraft skills and obvious hemp-farming know-how??

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  1. Good grief! That's a classic. What an incredible photo.

    Looks like she'd rip your head off if you even looked like thinking of stealing some of her hoochie-cooch.

  2. Mamma M says:

    Holy Cow! Amazing how standards for photos change over time. I'm sure in 100 years they'll be looking at our current pics and thinking the same thing though.

  3. She is extremely freaky, her expression anyway. Perhaps she too thought that sewing in a hemp field was a little far fetched. Is she a great great great aunty of yours? melx

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