Yay for Jem!

Many of you probably know that Jem has just finished an awesome marathon: the 365 project.  An online project where you take a photo every single day for a whole year, and post daily on the web.  It was a great way for Jem to hone his photography skills, and now looking back at all the photos, I realize what a wonderful visual diary of a year it is.  You can see the seasons changing, and be reminded of people and places and celebrations.  Jem was very disciplined and resolved to only ever post photos taken on that day - so occasionally he was left at 11.30pm with not much light and no good subject.  "You can always use me as a model", I would offer - and that's how those numerous pics of me with dark circles under my eyes got into the mix.  Jem was considering doing another year, but decided against it. I have floated the idea of his picture-a-day becoming a component of this blog, his eyes lit up - so you never know.  Another collaboration in the air, perhaps?  At another daft moment I thought of starting a 365 project myself, with writing as a  more important factor then photo crafting - but I know myself well enough to know that I would fade half way through the year.  So I'll think I'll stick to sporadic blogging instead.
Anyhow, here is a link to the project, starting september 2010.

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  1. That shows commitment. I'm very impressed at Jem's determination to finish such a mammoth project without falter!!

    Congratulations! And it would be a great memory prompter. Even the mundane brings back unexpected memories.

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