Hummingbirds. And some other stuff.

I'm finally back.  First off, I'd like a round of applause for Jem for keeping the home fires burning - not only in terms of keeping our children alive and relatively happy, but for building a whole lot of shelves in all the right places, and lastly - for keeping this blog going!  SO happy he took over posting about Riga life, I hope he is now a permanent addition to the hellolatvia crew....  so are you, Jem?  And by the way, wtf happened to our sleek, minimalist design???

The trip to Brazil was intense.  Mega huge workload, from getting up to late in the evenings - mostly interviewing and visiting and collecting for the museum.  I won't go into details, only to say that I have now had a crash course in interviewing while wearing silly headphones and holding one of those ridiculous fluffy microphones that look like a dead cat.  Met a lot of wonderful people (mostly aged over 70), heard some truly amazing stories. A few Indiana Jones moments, a couple of cachaca fuelled moments, mostly lots and lots of shut-up-and-listen moments.

I pretty much fought tears through the first week of being in Brazil though - probably a consequence of jet lag  but mostly because the places we went were in many ways SO similar to the Brissie backyards of my childhood.  Greener, wilder, with HUMMINGBIRDS, but basically the same.  Paw paw, mangoes on the ground, umbrella trees and blady grass and eucalyptus.  Cicadas in the evening and sweltering afternoon sun. I didn't think I would react so violently, but on the first day when I picked up a frangipani flower and smelled it, I dissolved into tears, as my primary school playground days of bare feat and stringing together frangipani necklaces came back to me.  

Travelling and working with two people who are workaholics and super achievers in their field also gave me time for reflection when away.  I spent many long inland road trips thinking about my own scheme and commitment level to various projects - and have returned with a new resolve to work harder, more carefully, more frequently. More resolutions than a sinner on new year's eve.  Feels good for now, we'll see how things a going in a couple of months!

This has gotta be my favourite pick from the trip.  Discovery channel, eat your heart out

Part of one of the houses where we stayed.  Idyllic.
 For us eastern Europeans, walking over mangoes and avocados on the ground, dropped from the trees like apples in autumn, was heart wrenching.  The mangos we gathered up and broke open with our fingers, inhaling the contents...

Did I mention.... HUMMINGBIRDS??

Pounding the mean streets of Santos, near Sao Paulo

Lots of strange fruits and berries in Brazil.  Some of them are SOUR!  
And um.... no, I'm not pregnant. Just too much mango and lazy abdominal muscles

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  1. Mamma M says:

    It doesn't cease to amaze me how different definitions of "idyllic" can be. :)

    I think the way that shirt fits is one of the reasons I gave it away. :)

    Not sure how I feel about the new look... very different for sure!

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