I'm a (minor mega) rockstar

Best thing about living in Riga is that it is a small, small pond.  Pretty much anyone who is anyone with half a brain and an ounce of creativity knows each other.  Also, as a Latvian who used to live in Australia, we used to act as "homestay" families to Latvian celebrities who travelled around the world doing concerts and lectures etc.  Sort of like if you were an Aussie living in an obscure place and having Michael Hutchence come to stay, because he's short on cash and needs a free bed for the night. 
Because I've sung with a Latvian folklore ensemble for 10 years, improved and learned more about my traditional singing technique, but mainly because everyone knows everyone in Riga,  I've had the chance to sing in some fun projects along the way, including with this totally legendary folk band on one of their albums.  Last Saturday they were celebrating their 30 year anniversary (yep, they started singing when I was 9), and everyone who was on their albums got invited on stage to sing a couple of tunes.  Lots of fun being a rockstar for a few numbers - the crowd was well over 1000 strong, and there were lots of colourful lights, and there was a professional lady out the back who did my makeup (orange lipstick, mmm, wish she had had time to do something about my HAIR), and lots of back patting and dancing afterwards.  A wonderful slow way to "come down" after my weeks of sun and interviewing in Brazil. The whole stardom trip would have been complete if I could have played the tambourine to complement my backing vocals.  Maybe next time.
Mind you, today I had the crash to reality, with the sleet and darkness, and occasional drudgery of motherhood, work and bill-paying and no prospect of further stardom anywhere to be seen.  That's why I started surfing to look for cheap flights to Morocco for a family trip next year!  You gotta dream, eh...

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  1. Liene says:

    How cool! But now I have Kaza kāpa debesīs stuck in my head...

  2. Mook says:

    Hi Liene! Yes. I've had that album on high rotation for the last week. Catchy!

  3. You look GORGEOUS in those photos, I like the hair. You definitely have a 70's Abba kind of vibe or maybe an 80's Belinda Carlisle. Such an amazing opportunity for you, bet the boys were stoked.

  4. Alex says:

    You lucky thing! That must have been a great experience, and you look like a star. The closest I've gotten to stardom is singing at this year's AFL Grand Final. I'd rather do what you were doing...

  5. Fifee says:

    what was the name of the folk band you sang with?? Or did I miss reading that bit... Its late!

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