Jump for Joy

I think I've mentioned it before, but now is a good time to remind you.  Latvia has the LONGEST SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS OF ALL THE COUNTRIES IN EUROPE!  And yes, I am well aware that the use of capital letters in a blogging context means I'm yelling.  Three months of freedom.  Pleasure and pain, I tell you.

Tiss and Mik had their school/kindy break up parties last week.  I did manage to control the flood of nostalgia because I went to the last kindy events my kids would take part in - my 'baby' Mikus is well and truly full of attitude, a real "bosiks" as they call it over here - and very much ready for the challenge of school.

But before that, we have three months of summer bliss.  Just waiting for the weather to warm up!
In a concerted effort to create summer peace-of-mind for those of us who work from home now and then, we made a financial investment.  Yep, we got a trampoline.  Best 100 lats I've ever spent, if it keeps the boys as busy and happy as they've been in the last couple of days.
So bounce, bounce, bounce...  and happy summer!!

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  1. Ha! Dad's got to have a go! Too funny. Trampolines are a great investment, and it will keep them occupied. THREE MONTHS!?

  2. Wow that is a LOOOONG holiday! Thank goodness for only 6 weeks here or I would be in the loony bin. Good work with the trampoline- just wondering where the images of YOUR stunt moves were Mook?

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