Wabi sabi

I think I've always been drawn to the asian aesthetic of wabi sabi, but only in the last few years have I put a name to it and done some reading about the philosophy.  Things look best when they are a bit worn, a bit mismatched, a bit wonky, a bit lopsided.  Natural objects with wear patterns  - wood or leather or pottery which have been well made, well loved, well worn are my thing. I found out about the concept in a formal sense at a Korean pottery exhibition at the Queensland art gallery.  I was greatly impressed by the concept that the blemishes that occur during the process of making or firing pottery are admired and revered in Korea; a nod to the inherent imperfection in life.
 I assume that a lot of the time, other people don't share my love for the worn and faded - and that's why I get such great bargains at flea markets!  Like this bowl, which my mum and I spotted this morning.  My heart leapt for joy when I tucked it's weathered beauty under my arm.

Meanwhile, Jem's heart did a somersault when he picked up this entire collection of mini Soviet picture badges: 

And then there was the sad moment when I thought the watch parts box wasn't at the market this year - legendary Jem spied it on leaving the market.  Double the price from last time, but he managed to talk the bloke down eventually.

And last but not least, one of the best buys of the day - a piece of 1920s (?) costume jewellery for a couple of lats, spotted and lovingly polished by my mum!

Now... what will we do with all of these finds?  Wear one badge a day for 3 months?  ...open a watch repair shop? Or go the opera in all our finery? Hmmm?

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  1. Wow that badge collection is fantastic. I would pin them all up on one piece of fabric as a wallhanging as they look most spectacular all together.
    And that watch box is wonderful too- so pleased that it waited a whole year for you to find it. I would cover it with glass, make some legs and turn it into a side table so you could see those lovely cogs and bits and bobs all the time. melx

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