In my kitchen

Saturday morning, melting sludge outside.   I'm sitting here trying to do a couple of things for work and this is what I see.  Right in front of me.  The love of my life, working on a project for a CD cover, which involves the founder of Latvian folklore studies, spraypaint and possibly illegal activity.

Oh, my sweet, ageing hipster.  The whole time he has been cutting he has been complaining about his eyes, and the need for reading glasses.

To my right: two bowls I bought for a song at a new op shop down the road - everything in there is cast off from wealthy Swedish homeowners.  These bowls looked modern at first, until I got closer and examined their ageing crackled overglaze.  For a typography snob like me, they are a treasure. Too cracked to be used for food, they are going "straight to the poolroom" - on a shelf in the kitchen.

I have always had a penchant for kitchenware with words in different languages... so the Swedish "Pyttipanna" (a traditional scandinavian dish, a hodgepodge of food similar to bubble and squeak) and "Smatt och Gott" (bits and pieces) fit right in with my other food cannisters in French, Russian, German, Latvian.  Oh, and English.  Of course.

To my immediate left - a jar of spicy orange and cranberry jam I made yesterday.  I guess you could call it marmalade - at a stretch.

Saving the best till last.  On my left - kids looking at Google Earth and bickering over a crappy swivel office chairs.  At first they were their grumpy selves until they realized I was going to blog the photo.  Then they got crazy.

Off to the pool soon to swim all that craziness out.  Oh yeah!

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  1. Look at your fab things. We're taking our lot to the pool today too. It's like a warzone here at the moment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you share the op shop address? I'll be in Riga in July (!!!).

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