Glamour and work trips

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I'm off to Brazil again on Tuesday - filming a few extra things for the documentary we've been making for the last 50 years of my life. Sounds glamorous eh, "flying to Brazil to film for a documentary".  I like to say it as often as I can, so that I can bask in the glow of what it sounds like, before reality sinks in.

Carnival will have just finished when we hit Rio.  I fully expect to see some people in silver-spangled thongs (and I'm not talking footwear), straggling home late from the after party.  But sadly, no glitter and fruit-topped head pieces for me - oh no.  I will be visiting a minister in the favelas (slums) of Rio before heading straight inland to visit ageing colonies of fanatical believers to talk about the second coming and experiences of living in the jungle.  Also exotic, but not quite samba-queen style glamour, I tell ya.

This is the centre of the tiny township I will be spending most of my time in. Just in case you were wondering - yes, that IS aluminium foil covering the ball on top of the monument on the roundabout. The only bit of silvery sparkle I'm getting on this trip.  And no - there is no mobile coverage or internet anywhere in the vicinity.  You arrive in town and step back in time, immerse yourself in tropical heat and red dust and stories of families and a once-thriving community. Last time we went was fascinating, but very emotionally taxing.

This is what I felt like for a large part of my last trip. 

Mind you, I am really looking forward to going.  Of course I'm feeling a tad guilty to leave my gang behind to fend for themselves - all that compensatory tv and pizza will definitely be hard on them - but I think the break is just what I need.  Being outdoors with no snow and ice and overcast minus degrees.  And time without worrying about issues at home will also do me a world of good.

So it's all tropical fruit, fireflies, hummingbirds for me for the next few weeks! Yipee!  Glamorous work trips, indeed.

 Maybe Jem will keep the blog updated while I'm away. Maybe he won't.  Whichever way, see you when I get back!

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  1. Enjoy every minute of your time in such an amazing quiet place. I dream about spending more than a hasty night here or there away from my gang. mel x

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