Brief observations

So I'm back, and before I return to normal programming (ie. Latvian weather reports), I will make a couple of trivial observations about Brazil, for your viewing pleasure:

1. You can find a Garden of Eden in the most unexpected places.  Brazil has moments when it truly feels like paradise. Corny, but true.

2. Despite the fact that many Brazilian gardens ARE Gardens of Eden with an amazing array of fruits and flowers, most Brazilian households sport a bowl of PLASTIC fruit on the dining room table. Go figure.

3. While on the subject of fruit.... Caipirinas (the Brazilian answer to a Mojito - just as tasty and a lot more powerful) come with many variations of added fruit.  From the left: passionfruit, cashew apple, and the classic - lime.

4. Still talking fruit and nuts... best thing on an overheated day is coconut milk straight from the nut, scratching out the white flesh afterwards.  Preferably at a bar on the beach.

5.  This is what a tapir hoof print looks like.  I said TAPIR!  Pity I didn't see the real creature in the wild. 

 6.  Some of the best impromptu photo shoots occur when you have received ridiculous frocks from well-meaning gift-givers

 7. Sao Paulo has awesome street art, everywhere.  Totally colourful and creative streetscape.

8.  I'm good at finding fabulous accessories in dusty sheds

8. I want a pet turtle 

9. Listening to the Brazilian jungle through professional sound equipment is a spectacular auditory feast which should be on everyone's bucket list.

...and last but not least...

10. From what I've seen -  Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Pity it is also a dangerous city, where tourists are warmly advised not to carry around cameras.  Because of that, I have no photo to show you what I mean.  You will have to go yourself some day and check it out. 

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  1. Welcome home Mook, looks like you had an amazing time, ridiculous frocks and all! Thanks for the cheering over the cake, I do love a good excuse to make up some lurid thing out of my head that the children go nuts over. mel x

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