In keeping with the flavour of the month here is another expertly crafted film by Matiss and Mikus... post production by Jem!

Yesterday morning was a beautiful, relatively warm and sunny Saturday morning that we spent in the park with the boys. Tiss showed off to Jeremy the fact that he is now riding his bike sans training wheels!

What could be better than riding through recently thawed puddles?

The game "fountain statues" is always a bit of fun...

Just a few recent pics of us mucking around indoors, passing the long long winter.
With bright eyes and messy hair...

And Matiss has been practising reading (to John McEnroe):

And I am truly a "mother of sons" as we race cars at the local bowling centre ("my god is this kind of immersive computer game with irresponsible driving habits and totally invincible drivers what makes the road statistics for young men so much higher than for other people?" I'm thinking):

Visiting friends and playing dress ups while the adults play cards:

While Jem had a work trip last week to the magical Prague:


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