I took last week's forecast of "snowstorms at Easter"with a grain of salt.  Sure, I figured, if it does "snow" it will be a thin sprinkling of icing-sugar that melts away the minute it hits the ground.  So we spent Easter Saturday in the country, awash with springtime goodness, dreaming up  garden and summer plans, boys going on their first hike to the "Wild Square" (see this post), admiring the snowdrop flowers that had already pushed their way through the earth.  Went to bed on Saturday night planning routes for the Easter bunny.  And then we woke up to THIS.

It was a thick, fluffy blanket. METRES of snow.  It looked like Mother Nature realized that Christmas this year was bleak and snow-less, and remembered that she had sacks of white frozen stuff that she forgot in the back shed.  Ok, so lets just dump it on them now - better late than never, right??

So we had our first-ever snowy Easter egg hunt.  Oh, Lordy, was it cold.  By the time the boys got out there, the snowstorm had even covered some of the "bunny's" tracks - and eggs.  But mostly the colourful papers looked awesome against the fluffy white backdrop.

I've gotta say there were moments of beauty in the snow, though.  In the afternoon the grey cleared, and we had perfect sticky snowball snow with bright blue skies, a roaring fire indoors, Easter egg chocolate handed around... a hybrid Christmas/Easter feeling was good enough for us.

So happy Easter everyone - hope yours was good, no matter what the weather!


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