OK I'm going to try and return from my extended summer frolic and ease slowly back into responsible blogging with short posts about summer.

One of the reasons I've been offline is because I have been reading the Harry Potter series to my dudes over the 3-month long holidays.  We started with the third book (not well thought-out, I know, but when I randomly picked a book off the shelf that night before bedtime I didn't think it represented hours of reading the whole series!).  I totally loved reading the HP books years ago when they came out - waiting for the next one to be published.  So having kids who are just as interested in the story as I was/am is fun. I'm not sure who enjoys reading the books more. Although the boys are already familiar with the whole HP series from watching the movies, we have been slowly, painstakingly revealing all of the detail through the books. I think I have finally convinced the dudes that the book is pretty much always BETTER THAN THE MOVIE.

We love to go outside on these warm sunny days and find a great spot where to sit down and read. Jem has managed to visually document a few of these instances. Here they are...


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