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Who wants to read a blog that’s only updated every couple of months?  “Not I!” said the little red hen.  So she made a pact with herself to write something at least once a week.  “For good measure,” she clucked. And most weeks she had something – a lot of things, actually – to say.  And lots of sentences to start with the word AND.  And she was sure she could remember, in the musty back corners of her brain, that someone had taught her that you should never start sentences with the words BUT or AND or SO.  But the little hen didn’t care.  Oh no.  If JRR Tolkien could do it, so could she.  “So there,” she crowed with glee. 

There’s been far too much going on here for me to think blogging.  This week I have been writing funding projects.  The main one, where I have invested my heart and soul, is for funding for this documentary we are making.  I’ve learned lots about the need for budget items called “colour correction” and “sound engineering” this week.  Things I had never stretched my little brain to before.  And suddenly my budget is looking a whole lot more daunting!  Serves me right, upstart anthropologist, thinkin’ she could just film some stuff and make a doco, with no filmmaking knowledge at all.  “Certainly not rocket science”, I naively muttered to myself at the beginning of the project.  Ha!!

Funny thing is, that I’ve written a lot of grant applications in the last 10 years, and got funding for a whole lot of crappy and not-so-crappy projects.  And most of the applications I’ve handed in, I’ve been fairly indifferent about – if I get the money, great, if I don’t get the money…. meh.  Oh well.  And y’see – a lot of the time, I DO get funded, for those indifferent proposals.  But this time… this time I REALLY WANT to be funded.  I think if I get knocked back I will cry, at least for a few days.  Which makes me really wonder if the application will be successful…  So cross your fingers for me (if you live in Australia) and hold your thumbs (if you’re in LV)! 

In the evenings this week Jem and I have sprung back into action in terms of home renos – we have a very close relative staying with us downstairs for the first half of this year.  Kids are super excited and bouncing around, they love having relatives, and classifying people in our lives as relatives and non-relos. Between painting linseed oil on old walls and getting drips of ceiling paint in my hair, and learning all about different types of archival film footage, Australia day happened in there somewhere, didn’t it?  And y’all in Oz had camping trips and swims in the ocean and BBQs and Aussie flag temporary tats and the hottest 100.  Well good for youse.  Happy happy!  I did have a moment where I imagined you all.  I think that’s the day it dropped to minus 10 and my nose almost froze off walking to the bus.  There may have been a moment of yearning there.  Just maybe. 

We've just received some Vegemite in the mail (thanks G and M!).  Right in time for Oz day.  Tiss (who is always hungry) has worked out the best self-made snack in the world.  Joel, you know what I'm talking about...   

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  1. Mamma M says:

    Crap...that means no one wants to read my blog. :( I guess it's ok, as I don't feel like writing anyway. :) I have enjoyed how often you've been posting though! Good luck on the funding...hope it comes through for you!

  2. Do I cross my fingers or hold my thumbs? I will just wish really hard for you. Just remember that you need to invest your heart and soul somewhere or you just aren't living. Even if it isn't successful and you cry for days that is how you know that you are alive.

    PS I love reading your blog and will continue to do so, even if it is only updated every couple of months. Cluck.

  3. Journo101 says:

    I was about to write: "Oh, man, you said the 'v' word..." and then I thought I'd better clarify. V as in Vegemite...Have you tried it out on the locals or waaaay too selfish? Personally, I'd be hiding it. The lady tried it once and liked it! Oh, yeah, that sentence about your nose hairs's true. And kind of creepy.

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