It's all white

I don't care what the grown-ups say.  I think snow is awesome.  Pretty much every adult I've talked to in the past few months has said that they are glad there's no snow this year - you have to scrape it off the car when you want to drive, you get puddles of melting ice in the entryway, you have to  shovel it off the sidewalk, it makes icy slippery footpaths, kids keep losing their gloves, etc etc.  And YES.  All those things are true.  And yes, all those things suck.

Yesterday night I came out of work and walked through the park to the bus and the whole world had transformed while I was indoors. Eventhough it was almost dusk, everything was white. The ground was white, the tree branches were covered in white, the road was white, parked cars were white.  Bikes and people made black tracks in the snow as they drove past.  The big, fat flakes were coming down slowly, in a whispy dancing cloud all around.  And at that point, a big wave of pure joy came over me. I walked through the dark in this new world with the hugest, childish grin on my face, grateful for the snow and the insane beauty it brings. All the adult practical considerations be damned.

Best thing was also that I had my own personal soundtrack going - I've lately rediscovered the joy of walking to music on headphones.  You know, when you walk with headphones on you see the world totally differently, like you were in your own film clip...  a bit dangerous when crossing roads, mind. Walking through the dusky, snowy landscape with that "striped sunlight sound" made famous by Brisvegas darlings, the Go Betweens, and replicated by many others, was awesome!

Photo above - our street at about 1am yesterday night. Photo by Jem

This is what we've been waiting for!  This year we don't have to make a formal excursion to the park for the boys to play in the snow - we just shove them out the back door.  Luxury.

Another luxury.  The novelty of snow had our boys cleaning the footpath for us this morning.  See how long it'll last....

What do you do when you've lost ALL of the pairs of gloves your mum bought you at the beginning of winter (that's six.  Did you get that???  I said SIX) ?  And suddenly there's snow outside, and no one helps you find any gloves, to make you sorry you've lost them?   Huh?  I think you all know the answer...

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  1. That is awesome! I went walking through West End town yesterday and I also felt that wave of joy. For me it was the chickens in someone"s front yard. It is a sight that always puts a smile on my face. On another note I have finished 1 wrist warmer and will start the second one today. Looks like good timing.

  2. I love walking to my own soundtrack too! I've done it forever. I used to remember thinking I wish I was the person on 'Simon Townsend's WonderWorld" who used to choose the backing tracks to the stories. They always chose the right songs.

    I's be loving the snow as well, and shoving the kids into the backyard!

  3. Isn't the sound of snow lovely. That thick dense quite when it is all around. Enjoy every flake and more photos please. melx

  4. Mamma M says:

    Believe it or not, I can love the snow in that moment you described as well. It's just a few days or hours later, I'm over it. :)

  5. Alex says:

    I think snow is awesome too! But then I've never had to shovel it, stay at home because there is too much of it outside, or try to drive a car through it. But I have slipped in it and tried to lug a suitcase and bags through it while wearing non water proof boots...

  6. Journo101 says:

    I was out there too! Snow angels galore and the grin was from cheek to cheek. Prior to Christmas all that snow Latvia is famed for - pfft!! Waiting!! Now...winter wonderland indeed. I have started an icicle collection - just for fun. Because I can.

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